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DR. WIN PHIPPEN - University Partner

Dr. Win Phippen currently serves as the Project Director for IPREFER a multi-institutional $10M National Institute for Food and Agriculture project focused on commercializing pennycress as a viable new cash cover crop for the Midwest Corn Belt. The IPREFER project (Integrated Pennycress Research Enabling Farm and Energy Resilience) focuses on optimizing agronomic protocols, breeding line development, assessment of environmental impacts, supply chain requirements, and community outreach.

Dr. Phippen is a professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics in the School of Agriculture at Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL. He received his master's degree from Cornell University in plant breeding and a doctorate degree from Purdue University. His research for the last 20 years has focused on agronomic and breeding improvement of alternative and new crops such as: milkweed, cuphea, hemp, and most recently pennycress.

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