Tim has over 35 years of experience in the life sciences, including 18 years at Monsanto. He earned his B.S. in physics, Master's in physical chemistry and Ph.D. in molecular biology in Moscow, Russia. Prior to Monsanto, Tim studied molecular mechanisms of plant transcription at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he made important discoveries in auxin signaling. Tim also has an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. While at Monsanto, Tim had the opportunity to lead project teams through every stage of product development, from Early Discovery (pre-Phase I) to Phase IV and hand-off to commercialization. His extensive experience in product development, both on the oil and meal side, supports CoverCress Inc.'s mission of introducing a pioneering solution that will protect the environment and generate additional income for American farmers that currently plant 35M acres in a corn-soybean rotation each summer.

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