SVP of Breeding & Product Delivery

DR. MARK MESSMER - SVP of Breeding & Product Delivery

Mark came to CoverCress in early 2015 after a long and successful career in corn breeding and corn breeding management at two different companies. Mark started his career at Garst Seed Company as a Corn Breeder and after 14 years there, left as Research Director in 2007 to join Monsanto as their Global Hybrid Wheat Research Director with their HybriTech operating unit. After 18 months with HybriTech Mark was asked to lead the integration of Monsanto's North American Corn Breeding program acquisitions into a single team. From early 1999 until his retirement from Monsanto in mid-2014 Mark led or co-led Monsanto's North America Corn Breeding program. Mark's time at CoverCress since early 2015 has focused on establishing a sustainable and successful CoverCress field breeding program along with extensive observation and agronomic learning about how to dependably grow CoverCress as a crop. Mark is currently SVP of Breeding & Product Delivery at CoverCress Inc.

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