What is CoverCress?      A winter cover crop for the Midwest.

CoverCress is a new oilseed crop grown over winter between normal full season corn and soybeans. It acts like a cover crop while also producing oil and high protein feed that can fit markets similar to canola. CoverCress was developed from pennycress.

Native pennycress grain has high levels of erucic, fiber and sinigrin, which are compounds that limit the oil and meal use, but we have developed varieties that have a new composition and make CoverCress a brand new crop for the American Midwest, without the limitations that native pennycress has.

Traditional cover crops are planted but not harvested. They are grown to protect and improve the soil. CoverCress is both a cover crop and a productive crop, combining soil improvement and grain production without displacing other crops.


CoverCress is the Cash Cover Crop

  • Productive oilseed matures in time for full season soybean planting.
  • Impressive roots prevent erosion and improve soil health.
Root System
  • High oil content and quality makes it a good product for food and biofuels.
  • Meal is high protein supplement.
oil and meal




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